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Amino Acids I

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Kim Dej

Outline of Lectures 17 (02-21 D; Snyder) and 21 (02-24 C; Snyder) Amino Acids I. GABA: the principal inhibitory neurotransmitter - Synthesis: decarboxylation of Glu (nerve terminal) or by transamination (in mito) - GABA inactivated by reuptake by ensheathing glia - GABA-A receptor - Ionotropic Cl channel (hyperpolarizing inhibition) - Multiple binding sites particularly benzodiapine site (Valium is agonist, allosteric with GABA) and barbituate (target of sedatives, and perhaps alcohol) - Found in the cortex and inhibited by bicuculline (compare to Gly) - GABA-B receptor: metabotropic autoreceptor, inhibitory via opening K channels or ↓Ca conductance, drug target of Baclofen II. Glycine: another inhibitory neurotransmitter - Although Gly is found in nerve terminals throughout CNS, Gly receptors are found primarily in spinal cord and are inhibited by strychnine and not bicuculline (see GABA-A) - Gly is inactivated by reuptake - Gly found in interneurons that inhibit motoneurons; drug mimics are good muscle relaxants III. Glutamate: principal nxt in the brain - Synthesis: from Gln or transamination, the nxt pool is unclear; highly abundant aa - Glu acts on presyn and postsyn, inactivated by reuptake by glia and neurons - Non-NMDA receptors - Ionotropic, lets Na in and K out, depolarizing and excitatory - NMDA receptors - Ionotropic, lets Na and Ca in and K out - Ca activates intracellular signaling, might be imp
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