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Auditory II

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Kim Dej

Outline of Lecture 59 (03-25 A; Young) Auditory II – Central Auditory System I. Tonotopic organization (i.e. frequency map in the central auditory system) - Sound is represented tonotopically in the cochlea, which results in tonotopy in the auditory nerve fibers (see Lec 58 on best frequency) - Tonotopy is preserved throughout central auditory system, e.g. as evident in a Golgi stain of the cochlear nuclei II. Neuroanatomy of the auditory system - Sequence (1) Auditory nerve fibers from cochlea terminate in cochlear nuclei (DCN or VCN) (2) From the CN, most neurons project to superior olivary nuclei for sound localization (3) The lateral lemniscus is a collateral path to the inferior colliculus (4) All ascending neurons (from SO and LL) terminate in the inferior colliculus (5) IC projects to the medial geniculate (thalamus) - Most commisures occur at the trapezoid body, and above the SO most neurons are bi-aural III. Sound localization by azimuth - Locating a sound source carries the additional problems of (1) distinguishing multiple sound sources over background noise and (2) suppressing the effect of echoes - Due to path length difference, a sound source will have different effects on the right and left ears (1) time difference: ITD and IPD; IPD is better perceived due to phase-locking of ANFs (2) loudness difference: ILD - Relative impo
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