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Outline of Lecture 60 (03-25 B; Hillis) Aphasia Speech Compre- Repetition Lesion Blood hension Broca’s Telegraphic Relativel Fair, telegraphic Left posterior Left superior y good inferior frontal MCA Wernicke’s English-like but Poor Severely Posterior, superior Left inferior empty in impaired temporal cortex MCA meaning, may use neologisms Conduction Fluent, Relativel Poor, maybe as a Classically, paraphasic, y good result of loss of arcuate conduit short-term fasciculous d’approche auditory memory (disconnect bet. Broca’s & Wernicke’s areas) Transcortical Nonfluent, Good Fluent, much Left dorsolateral Left ACA or Motor telegraphic better than frontal watershed spontaneous between ACA speech and MCA Transcortical Fluent, Poor Much better Temporo-occipital Watershed Sensory paragrammatic than junction between MCA spontaneous
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