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October 31 , 2012 Biology 2F03: Fundamental and Applied Ecology Exploitation Posturing by ephemerellid mayfky - good food for pretty much everyone who is the right size in lakes - harmless - other defensive mechanisms: assume a posture that makes them bigger, points tail over their head like a scorpion - by assuming a scorpion posture, ephemerellid mayflies may make themselves appear larger Mimicry - resemble something else - mullerian: trying to resemble somebody who is very unpleasant - batesian: resemble bad things, reinforce the message - cryptic: make you look like the background of the environment that you live in - relationship between birds and moths: as a result of the pollution in the environment the moths evolved to match the colour on the bark, making them harder to spot from birds - aposematic colouration: changing colour, yellow, black, red have been adopted as the warning I am not edible, mimics try to look like them to deceive potential predators - sea horse resembles algae - parasite schistosoma – a fluke: female lies in the grove of the male, both females and males have suckers, most of their life is spent in bloods vessels in different regions of the body, related to flat worms, they live in our bodies, 5 different species, swimming larva: cercaria, they have a very complicated
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