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October 1 , 2012 Biology 2F03: Fundamental and Applied Ecology Populations: Distribution and Abundance (1) Populations: distribution and abundance - distribution limits - distribution patterns - density (abundance) - rarity and extinction - images show spacing of nests and wildebeest migration – aspects of distribution and density Question - does habitat quality determine geographical distribution of species: probably yes - An example Climate and distribution of kangaroo species - macropis giganteus: where precipitation varies little from season to season but rain is not rare - m. fuiliginosys: where winter rainfall dominates - m. rufus: where conditions are hot and dry Distribution and climate often match: the case of tiger beetle - what climate would you expect here - unlike some other species, its temperature preference is constant - but not bumblebees, camels, or plants from different habitats - c. longilabris in the northern regions of Maine and Wisconsin have a preferred body temperature of 34C - this is virtually identical to the preferred temperature of C. longilabris living in rocky mountains When related species (Encelia), have different T and water requirements, they are differently distributed - E. californica confined to a narrow zone along the coast; cool and moist in the north and cool and dry in the south - E/ actoni lives further inland; drier warmer areas - E. farinose and frutescens live in much hotter areas inland, how do they manage Question - can differences bet
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