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Sept,26,2013- Water Essentials—chapter 6--- DONE adding to other page Sonoran Desert: Air temp =56* C Ground=70*C  Cicada sits on trees , and it sings to let the potential dates  Most organists cant cooperate with temp  How can it do it and not to dry up or overheat Question  Depeds on air temperature  Thers a conitnum of numbers Physcis again  Warm air can hold more air PHyscis again  Both relationships in graph are identical  If we cooled the air, but not acess , water will precipitate  And cool it  If we go to saturation in low temprature, we will only have 6 or 7 g  Very wet air warmed up, will feel dry  Saturation becomes a fraction of maximum Physciscs again  Evparrtion cools  Evaprotion only happens when air is not saturated  If you sweat or evaprote,  Air in desrt is definitely dry, condensating on rocks and lower vegetation  During the day the air feels very dry Cicada answers  Cicada eat climbp on trees peice the tree and extract water ,  If you have too much cicada tree would suffer becaused they extgract too much water  Cicdadas don’t live very long  Varying humidity  Some adaptations  Raise hand in air and winter --- water will condensate for beelte  Drop by drop will flow on body and then goes to mouth where it consumes it Beetle water budget  Water gains is primarily thorugh dirnking fog water  Water hta comes with food , it hs some water conent  Then metabolic water  Waer lossed for beeltes is one is evaprtion, loose water through skin, and through
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