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Jurek Kolasa

Lecture 1 Bio 2F03IntroductionWhat is EcologyoForest birdstesting competition theory Ecologists who want to see why species live together focus a lot on competitionpredationCan several species use the same resource McArthur Consider a bag of petfood that can be eaten by dogs and cats which species will monopolize the food Ultimately you will have one species that will be happy and one that is starving Warblers in spruce forestFeed on insects on tree Different species of warblers feed on different places of the tree So they can coexist as no one is monopolizing everythingLessonsDivision of resources take place as postulatedif species are using the same resources then they are using the resources in different ways in terms of spaceCompetition reducedthe pattern of different areas is due to competition though to create peace Additional evidence What would happen if only one species was present Division of resources ceases as expectedThe remaining species is released from competitionIts habitat expands and abundance can grow Where black throated green warblers are absent yellow rumped warblers move their feeding zone upward If competitor is not present then you would use all of the resource Nutrient budgets and large scale ecology
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