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Lecture 2

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Jurek Kolasa

Bio 2F03 Lecture 2Scientific method We take information in the form of observation from other studies models then we question form a hypothesis finish sentenceChapter 2 Class notes Life on landQuestion Why horses and cattle help restore Guanacaste forest of Costa RicaA tree species in Costa Rica provides the major woody ecosystem provides wood and shade The tree was in decline but the tree species was restored with the introduction of cattle and horsesReason Have large fruits so small animals cannot consume it The fruit needs to be digested and the seeds need to be exposed added with manure that acts as a fertilizer Horses and cattle are large animals are mobile and can release large manure and provide fertilizers to germinateWhy does Guanacaste tree produced many large fruits that fall on the ground net to it when no horses ever existed at the region horses only arrived after Europeans came Because camels were present at that time and the large fruit and camel had an evolutionary linktradeoff Large fruit to eat Dispersal by the camel Since the evolutionary link was broken camels disappeared due to naturalanthropogenic reasons the trees had a decrease in popula
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