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Lecture 5

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Jurek Kolasa

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Habitat differencesOften mean arithmetic mean is same but variations differ Aquatic habitats are less variable Example average temperature shown by blue line is very similar but the variations in temperature in each location is different three types of aquatic habitats in a streamAdaptations Can organisms optimize physiology and growth for the typical range of temperaturesPlants photosynthesize best at preferred TA boreal moss from boreal forest photosynthesizes at a maximum rate at 15 degrees CelsiusA desert shrub photosynthesizes at a maximum rate at 44 degree CelsiusCompare enzymes or bacteria Some bacteria can live in 80 degrees while some can live and reproduce in zero degrees temperatureThese developed due to evolution and adaptation over timeAcclimation Organism can adjust and optimize performance for different temperatures Example Cuttings
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