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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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Jurek Kolasa

Water Essentials Chapter 6The cicada puzzleSonoran desert Air temperature 40 degrees deadly ground 70 degrees fatal Usually for animals in the dessert but an insect called Cicada sits on tree branches and sings Why do they sing Predators cannot cope with the weather but it can sit under branches in the shade see below they can cope with the temperaturesHow much water is needed to saturate air Graph Saturation vapor density gm3 Water vapor in air can be measured either as grams of vapor per cubic meter per air or by the pressure exerted by the water vapor in the air If we cool the air the water will precipitate If there is little water to start with and the air warms up warming wet air creates dry situations Along the line air is saturated so irrespective of the temperature it is still warm cooling effect is usually not presentEvaporation cools Energy used When sweating water is lost as vapour and must be replenished through drinking and absorption In 100 relative humidity evaporation can
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