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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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Lecture 7Bio 2F03Chapter 5TemperatureAffects organisms in many waysoBy directly affecting metabolism or by indirectly changing the habitatoOther ways include causing currents stratifying a lake freezing water cold drought drying soil Temperature as a resourceoAir temperature is 15 degreesoFlows and insects are 25 degreesinsects come here and use it as a heating padoDryas flowers keep tracking sun for several hours each daysoSunlight reflects from parabolicshapes flowers to heat an insectoIf plants can regulate their own temperature then can they affect their environment too Yes they can keep cool things or warm things upoIN winter having trees around your house increases the temperature and makes the house warmer in the summer having trees can make your house colder by shadingoGraph diagram where x axis is height of plants As you move along the x axis soil dryness decreases If the soil retains water it is cooler because evaporation can cause a cooling effect oSo plants do modify temperature by shading and accumulating litter organic matter partly decomposed help to retain water sand is not as goodHabitat differencesoDifferent habitats have different thermal regimesoWhy does black sand appear black Is it warmer or cooler than white sandBlack sand is warmer because it absorbs all the light and therefore heat toooOften the arithmetic mean is the same but variation differsoOur mean temperature is 5 to 7 degrees we could adjust to this but obviously variations existoAquatic habitats are less variable
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