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Jurek Kolasa

Biology 2F03 October 3 2013Distribution of two barnacles within the intertidal zones Balanus and Chthamalus Various tide levels in intertidal zones Balanus Larvae form settle in all tide ranges during flooding of tidesAdult barnacles live in deeper water and are less extreme they do not live in too low and too high tidesChthamalus Larvae Only settles in mean high tide and mean high neap tide high areas but adults are only present in mostly in the mean high tide not below thatThe two species of barnacle differ in ability to survive exposure to airMortality of Balanus is very high in the upper intertidal zone than the other species this is due to the warm weather and calm seasEven in second year it is still suffering Chthamalus survives longer in warm weather without wave spray Explains why it remains in higher intertidal zones future chapterMicro scale distribution can reveal species interaction An individual has an equal probability of occurring anywhere in an area Random distributionRandom distribution suggest that there is neutral interactions between individuals and between individuals and local env
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