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BIOLOGY 1M03 Lecture Notes - Brain Size

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Chapter 13
Modern humans evolved in Africa 200 kya to 100 kya and 60kya migrated from Africa to various parts of
the world
Morphological Features of Modern Homo Sapiens
-Shared a number of derived characteristics that were not present with other hominins
- Small, flat face with protruding chin
- rounded skull
- increase cranial capacity
- Longer limbs, with short trunks
Genetic Features of Modern Homo Sapien
- Sequencing of genomes gives info on genetic differences
- Initially differences judged on morphological and fossil records, but molecular provides new
information on how humans differ genetically from closest relative chimpanzee
- Human and Chimpanzees differ genetically about 1.6%, but again there are 3 billion genes, so
this is still significant
- Protein coding genes differed, responsible for the differences in phenotype
- Rd. pg 306
Archaelogical Evidenence for Modern Human Behaivour