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Lecture 2

BIOLOGY 1M03 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Beer Engine, Growth Medium, Cell Theory

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Dr. Dushoff

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Start and end on time
Focus on conceptual understanding
Make clear what terminology and facts must be learned
Open to questions- Both in class (within reason) and at office hours
Available by email and on Facebook
Print the notes from the web and bring them to class
Structure of Presentation:
Required material will clearly be outlined in notes
Required terminology will be in bold
Only responsible for terminology in bold
Conceptual questions, logical inference questions and application questions are fair game
Deductive Thinking:
Science proceeds by advancing hypotheses and comparing to facts
Facts observed from nature; basic simple logical thinking; not easy for humans to think
clearly about abstract concepts
The Cell Theory
All living organisms are comprised of cells
A cell is highly organized compartment bounded by a membrane
Genes made of DNA
Proteins made of amino acids
Where do cells come from?
Pasteur experiment: 1. Place nutrient broth in straight-necked flask, 2.Boil to sterilize the
flask, 3.Preexisting cells from air
Pasteur experiment 2: 1. Swan Neck flask, 2.Boil, 3.Cells trapped in neck of flask (harder
to get in from swan neck flask)
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