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McMaster University
Chemical Engineering
Joe Kim

0010-0011 Experiment Twenty-three o Twitching is blood lust ( not when around little kids) Dr. Sukhdeep Patel knew his job was cruel. His wife had told him all these years to quit, and find a new occupation, but he refused. Sukhdeep had a great salary, and had flexible hours, and best of all, many government perks. It wasn’t like he hated his job; he wouldn’t have even minded it at all if he didn’t have to supervise the disposal of all the failures. He was frustrated by how it had been so simple to build unintelligent “brute” clones, but once the government demanded more intelligent and powerful clones, it became extremely difficult. With the complicated biological and mechanical synthesized power source, it became seemingly impossible. One day, after a brutal week of three disposals, Sukhdeep saw something he never imagined he would, a success. Even at infancy Experiment Twenty-three had incredible powers. Within a week of being created, he was physically able to run faster and jump higher than the majority of the staff. After another week, Twenty-three had mastered many of his abilities, including telekinesis powerful enough to move vehicles. Many of the scientists had become concerned that Twenty-three was getting too powerful, but the security manager has assured them that there was no way he could hurt any of the staff or escape. He couldn’t have been more wrong. Twenty-three escaped four days later, killing fourteen staff members and two volunteers. Of course, the entire company was on lockdown, and they had sent out over half the brutes to look for the infant fugitive. Even the head researcher knew they would not be able to find him, he had learned how to cloak his physical appearance. They never found Twenty-three, no matter how hard they looked. Pollution Twenty-three grew up a fairly normal life. He was adopted by a grate family of two peoplea barren couple and, the mother and father both lived and is living a happy life with Twenty-three. Experiment Twenty-three became known asis now named Jason byfrom his new family. Jason’s hid his powers from his new family by been only using his powers when he was alone. Eventually he, his went to his first day of school where. There he met, Stephanie Shaw, Amrit Aulak, Rebecca Crispin, and Sam Jamus. Stephanie Shaw was a shy, short young brown-haired girl. She often had dimples when she smiled, which was often as she was a very happy child. Amrit Aulak was a tan, handsome kid who had straight black hair, which he’d often tug at it if he was nervous. He was the tallest kid in the class, and had jet-black eyes. Rebecca was a vibrant and active person, with very straight auburn hair. Her green eyes were often set in a very serious stare, but occasionally, when she was cheerful, her eyes shined which was a contrasting feature to her otherwise somber personality. Sam Jamus was a very quick boy, especially in regards to running. He was a very friendly child, but always was very cautious to give other people their personal space. His light brown eyes often seemed to give the impression that he was very intuitive to other people. He also had curly, black hair which he like to hide under hoodies. Stephanie Shaw wearing Instantly, tThey become very close friends when they all met each other on the first day of in kindergarten.. Several years have passed since thented, Jason and everyone else are still friends and now they are all in grade 8 getting ready for the Christmas Holidays. Despite the It was a very bright day it wasfrom the sun shinning in everyone’s eyes, cold and windy and day everyone was shivering in their thick furry coats. Jason and his close friends, Stephanie, Amrit, Rebecca and Sam all called each other and wantedplanned to have a group hangout and have fun playing in the snow. Jason and all his close friends met each other at the highest hill and started talking about secrets. All of them had one big secret to tell each other that no one knew about, neither did their parents. Stephanie said, “So,” Stephanie said, shaking from head to toe, “Who wants to go first and tell their secret?” “I have the ability to teleport myself and other objects around me such as people,” said Amrit withseeing the sweat running down his face from the nerves, all nervous of telling his friends about his secret before his own parents. “Well, tellingl I told you guys my secret and feelslt like a heavy load has was lifted off my back,” Amrit was laughing with joy. right after. “ Well“Well, only reason I don’t like giving hand shakes or and having contact with people is because of my power.,” Sam taking a gulp of dry saliva from inside of his mouth, being nervous and scared all at the same time Sam kept going., “My power is …,” you could felel the cold burst of air that Sam was breathing onto you,; in and out heavily. Rebecca interrupted in a rush, “Its alright, I’ll go first, just so Sam can calm down a bit more and not be veryso nervous. I didn’t realize my power at first until I started hearing all short of things from everyone and I could stop hearing everything, I didn’t know what is was at first., I thought I was hearing things but I wasn’t, it sounded as and that I though it was everyone was speacking at the same time, but louder. I didn’t know what was happening to me until I found out from my grateate grandmother that she could read minds and she told me not to tell anyone until it’s the right time. I found out that I could read minds. So from when I was born earth from my mothers help, I heard everything that was going around me. My power is that I canould read anyone’s mind, all I have to do is imagine their face in my mind and now I could stop hearing anyone whenever I want,”.” said Rebecca without any hastate in he voice. She turned to Sam, a little out of breath, “Sam, take a deep breath and don’t be afraid to tell us your special power, we’re your friends and we’re here for you.” “Thanks, alright I think I can do this now. Only reason I can’t have any physical contact with anyone or anything is because the ability that I have, is that I can take over and control anyone else’s power or ability and the only way I could do that is to touch the person. If I have any physical contact with anyone someone thate person will lose their ability for more than five minutes and I will have the control of that ability for as long as I want,” said Sam while trying not to act as nervous as he was before. “Ok, I did my job telling my secret to everyone, so did everyone else, now the only one left is Stephanie.” “That’s right, Stephanie you’re the only one left to tell us your secret power,” said Amrit, and Rebecca shivering as the cold windy air passesd through histheir thick comfortable coats and into his boneso their bodies. “Umm, now don’t laugh at what kind of power I have,” said Stephanie having a little giggle when talking. “This is going to be funny,” said Sam and Amrit ready to burst out laughing at Stephanie. Stephanie said, “I’m not lying, I’m serious here,” having no emotion in her facial expression and looking serious. “Sorry, sorry we won’t laugh,” said Sam in a way that said he doesn’t promise ways were everyone knows he doesn’t keep any promises. “The secret power I have is the power to nag people,” said Stephanie in a much quieter voice than before so no one could hear her. “I’m sorry I didn’t get that, could you repeat that,” said Sam in a fun way to just annoy Stephanie even more. Stephanie said, “I have the power of nagging.” Everything was quiet for a moment and than you could hear Sam and Amrit burst out laughing in the background and Sam fell on the ground laughing as hard as he could. Than the only sound was the sound of the cold wind blowing through the air. Sam and Amrit stopped laughing because they remembered that Stephanie said not to laugh at her secret power. “I wasn’t finished, you guys didn’t let me finish. I have another secret power that is really, really awesome,” said Stephanie in a more happy way and very loud. “What is it? Super talkative?” said Sam to just annoy Stephanie even more. Stephanie said, “NO! Now let me finish my sentence, my other power is; I canould grow and shrink my fingernails…” “You canould grow and shrink your fingernails??? That’s pretty….sad,” said Sam laughingly interrupting Stephanie to annoy her even more. “Stop interrupting me, and let me finish my god damn sentence but thank you for saying that. Now I that I canould finally finish my sentence:, I canould grow and shrink my fingernails to whatever length I want them to be,” said Stephanie “Hey, we almost forgot about Jason,” said Rebecca “Hey! That’s right. We did almost forget about him,” said Sam and Amrit looking very surprised and shocked that they forgot about their goodown friend. “So Jason, what isare your special or secret powers you have and are hiddening forom us?” askedsaid Stephanie looking very excited aboutt what Jason will be sayingson would say. “Umm, let me…” said Jason acting very nervous in front of his friends but Jason was not shacking of shivering like any of his other friends. “Just take a couple of deep breaths, we’re just your friends, we won’t be telling anyone anything about our secrets don’t worry ,and you cancould start over if you feel like it,” said Rebecca as she was trying to clam Jason down and make him feel relaxed. “Well there isare several powers I have, not just one like you guys do. The powers I have developed over the past years are telekinesis so I could move any biotic or non-biotic objects,; I have developed the ability to become invisible when I was at the age of ten. I could also make any other objects or people invisible and I have started leaning how to camouflage when I was the age of fourteen. Right now I couldan only camouflage myself and nothing else but I have been practicing and trying to learn how to camouflage other objects. I’m not sure if I’ll be developing any more power but for right now I only have developed three. I haven’t actually used my power for over two years now because I doidn’t want to do anything that will harm the people around me,” said Jason the expression on his face looking like a ghost just appeared in front of everyone. “So, how are we going to handle our powers guys? Should we have a group hangout once or twice a week so we can practice our powers on each other or set up some obstacles for us to destroy? ” inquiredsaid Stephanie, jumping up and down while clapping her hands on the soft fluffy looking like snow, with full of joy. “Wait!” said Sam before anyone else could say a word, “I could only practice with you guys once or twice a week because we all still go to school and I have a job, if that’s not a problem.” “No, I don’t think that would be a problem,” said Amrit packing his bags to get ready to go to work. Everyone headed home since it was that time to eat supper. As days went by, Jason and his group of friends started hanging out every Tuesdays and Thursday. On Tuesdays their training was combat fighting each other without going over the limit and every Thursday the team trained on the obstacles that they have built for each other. Everyone was having fun telling each other their own little stories about their superpowers and a little more about themselves. They all started making snowmen, snow angles and snow forts and had fun playing games around the playground and up the hill. The group of friends made a pacttold each other not to tell anyone else about their secret powers and not to every use themit for evil. Five years have passed and Jason and his friends are graduateding grade twelve and getting ready for university. Jason and his other friends had picked their own favourite university to go to and it ended up none of them are going to the same one. Jason, Stephanie, Sam, Rebecca and Amrit are all getting packed up and saying their goodbyes to each other because they won’t be seeing each other for quite a while. As the days pastsed Jason hasn’t developed and any new special powers but everyone haves completely grasped and have a complete control of th
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