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Chemical Engineering
Joe Kim

ENG 1P03 Writing Assignment By: Amrit Aulak MacID: aulakas Student Number: 1150270 Course: ENG 1P03, section C02, T07 In present day, technology now has to meet a new requirement; being environmentally friendly. The article “Earth, Wind and Science” revolved around the idea of sustainability and its place in engineering. Only ten years ago, an organization called Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) was formed and since then a contagious concept has spread across North America. When students were first exposed to this idea, they responded with keen interest and demanded this vital field of studies be integrated into their curriculum. With this growing popularity and the influence of corporate support, institutions of post-secondary education have now introduced courses and degrees based on sustainability. These new courses broke off into multiple branches and became a crucial part of civil, environmental, mechanical and manufacturing engineering. Students who took such a unique course were able to learn outside of class, where they experienced “hands-on” projects that presented them with a realistic example of a real world problem. Additionally, these courses provide so much motivation that students decided to implement environmentally friendly technology in their universities. One of the leading factors for the expansion of courses involving sustainable engineering is the student voice; as the universities strive to satisfy what students demand, they also have to keep up with the standards of companies. Overall, universities are incorporating new subjects about the environment to help students think about multiple aspects of engineering. Word Count: 229 In my opinion, it is very important for students to learn about sustainable engineering. Ever since the idea of sustainability has been around, society has demanded a
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