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Quantum Numbers: September 13 2012 Quantum numbers have the following restrictions: • is any positive integer. • ranges from 0 to . • ranges from to . • can be either +1/2 or 1/2. The Bohr Equation: The Bohr equation states that the energy of an electron in a particular orbit is given by −Rhc E n 2 Where n R = 1.097×10 7 (the Rydberg constant) −34 h = 6.626×10 (Planck's constant) 8 c = 2.998×10 (the speed of light in a vacuum) and n is the electron configuration number The Energy-Wavelength Relationship: The energy of the photon emitted by the electron is related to its wavelength by hc E= λ where λ is the wavelength in meters. The Photoelectric
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