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Lecture 5

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Hannah Holmes

LECTURE 5: VISION February 11, 2013 - We have unconscious mental mechanisms at work all the time – based on our previous experiences we make assumptions - When brain sees the image of four circles in two rows, it assumes that each one has a single light source so that each row has its own distinct shading (i.e. in row 1, all circles are shaded at top, in row 2, all circles shaded at bottom) - Brain also assumes light objects are automatically grouped together. - Sensation: Stimuli to nerve impulse • One of the tasks of the brain is to make a correction to turn images right side up – the images that come through the retina come in upside down • This area of the eye is very sensitive and adaptive • When injured, vision in that area was blurred - Experiment with glasses: • The glasses move the place where the image lands on his retina • If you do an experiment where a person wears these glasses 24/7, a person’s visual perception will adapt. When wearing these glasses, they will no longer see the world shifted. They will see it in the correct orientation. • There is great plasticity and adaptation involved in the retina - Visual Acuity: • Visual acuity is physically limited by photoreceptors, distance between photoreceptors helps you discern 2 pixels beside each other • HYPERACUITY: Theoretically, we think we don’t know whether the line is right or left but
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