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McMaster University
Philip Britz- Mc Kibbin

Name Thi LeID 1209889Lab Report for the GalliumII Salt Electrochemical Synthesis Experiment Please staple any relevant spectra to this sheet1 In the space below outline the experiment performed be as brief as possible without missing out important scientific information provide any relevant equations and observations and list any modifications to the procedure Also give your yield of product relative to the amount of gallium metal consumed including as always any necessary calculations you can photocopy attach and refer back to the table of reagents from your lab book if this would helpA 0960 gram of shiny silver Gallium metal pieces were weighted recorded and then placed in a small boiling tube The boiling tube with small Gallium pieces was placed on a hot plate inside a heating brick in order to melt down to liquid A platinum electrode with rubber septum was vertically put inside the gallium boiling tube The molten Gallium tube along with electrode then placed in an ice water bath for about 4 minutes to cool down As the Gallium metal was cool down it expanded in size However a hammer needed to break down the boiling tube since the expanding was not big enough to break the boiling tubeThe final Gallium electrode was a solidified Gallium formed as a metal block on the tip of original Platinum electrode It was then washed with aceto
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