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07-25 - Hydroxyls, Alcohols, Stability, Acidity.docx

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Jeff Landry

S N, S N, E1, and E2 Reactions  See the summary PDF I downloaded, watch Khan Academy videos for it o We’re working out practice problems  From now on, “Negative and Positive Reactions” o Negatively charged things are going to react with positively charged things Chapter 8 – The Hydroxyl Functional Group  Alcohols have more reactivity than Alkyl Halides o Very polar Carbon-Oxygen bond o Can undergo Redox Chemistry o Polarized Carbon to Oxygen and Hydrogen to Oxygen  Carbon and Hydrogen are slightly positive, Oxygen is slightly negative  C - O - H  Need to be able to look at a name and draw a structure of it o Lots of common names that have stuck around for hundreds of years in O-Chem  Some of the More Common Alcohols in Real Life: o Methanol: CH OH 3 o Ethanol: CH CH 3H 2 o Isopropyl Alcohol: (CH ) C3 2 o T-Butyl Alcohol: (CH ) COH 3 3  Suffix for Alcohol Function Group is –ol o Take name of Alkyl, then drop “e” and add “ol”  CH 3H C2 CH2OH (2utane→1-Butanol) o Start numbers so that the OH is the lowest possible number!  Primary Alcohol: CH R-O2  Secondary Alcohol: CHR -OH 2  Tertiary Alcohol: CR -OH 3  Hydrogen Bond: Electronegative Q bonds with a weak Hydrogen, WEAK BOND! o Smaller alcohols are able to form hydrogen bonds with water, so they become polar and completely dissolve o Boiling points of alcohols tend to be higher than the corresponding alkanes  CH C3 CH 2as 3 boiling poin
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