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07-10 - Rotamers, Radical Halogenation, Hyperconjugation, Classes of Alkane Reactions, Cracking, Cycloalkanes.docx

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Jeff Landry

Drawing Rotamers  If there’s a specific form he’s looking for, he has to specify more details about it, or else you can draw any potential rotamer and it would be correct  Barrier energy is the sum from the lowest point to the highest point Radical Halogenation and Bond Strength  Homolytic Cleavage: A:B → A’ + ‘B (radicals) + -  Heterolytic Cleavage: A:B → A + :B  Use electronegativity to compare acidity! o O-H bond is MUCH stronger than a C-H bond, but H O is mor2 acidic than CH 4 because oxygen is more electronegative than carbon  CH 4ond strength > Primary > Secondary > Tertiary  More stable products when you cleave bond → weaker bond o Product energy level changes ALSO change the energy barrier to make the break of the bond  Hyperconjugation: p-orbital (with a single electron) overlaps with bonding molecular orbital of neighboring C-H (or any other) bond o Should be able to show a 3D drawing of it if asked o More hyperconjugation → more stability Free Radical Halogenation  H-CH +3X-X → H C-H 3 H-X o Need energy (light or heat) to trigger this cleaving of X-X bond o Need to cleave the X-X bond homolytically o Almost all radicals are extremely reactive o Want one of the X’s to extract one of the hydrogen atoms from the CH (whic4 means than the C-H bond cleavage is ALSO homolytic) o THEN, the NOW RADICAL ‘CH pulls an 3 from one of the other normal X-X  Br:Br → Br’ + ‘Br (INITIATION)  Br’ + CH 4 H-Br + ‘CH (PR3PAGATION)
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