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Chapter 13Conjugated Unsaturated SystemsConjugated Unsaturated SystemsNOTE You are only responsible for what is in these notes not the whole chaptersResonance remember thatVERY important concept that will keep coming up in the courseMoving around electrons in the p orbitals can move pi electrons or lone pairs that are all planar in the same pi systemare all planar in the same pi system2OORules of ResonanceNIndividual resonance structures are not a true representation of the real structure of a moleculeOA hybrid of all major resonance structures gives an indication of the true structureOnly electrons may be moved in resonance structures not atomsOnlyand nonbonding electrons are movedAll resonance structures must be proper Lewis structuresAll resonance structures must have the same number of paired and unpaired electronsAll atoms that are part of the delocalized electron system must lie in a plane or be nearly planar3
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