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Lecture 3

CLASSICS 1A03 Lecture 3: Lecture 3

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Michele George

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Sept 13 New Palace Period  1700-1450 BC = NP  Flourishing of minoan culture:  4 major palaces 1. Knossos 2. Phaistos 3. Malilia 4. Zokro  Earthquake c. 1450 BC  Central Court – no route opens to sky Minoan Palace Architecture 1. Central courtyards (2:1 ratio length to width) 2. Warehouse/Storage areas 3. Western entrances (principle entrance) 4. Theatrical Areas 5. Pillar Crypt/Ritual Space  Not all underground – roughly same size pillars Knossos  Basis of reconstruction are sound  How to reconstruct – finer details  Arthur Evans had a lot of freedom  Pithos - Ceramic storage vessels - plural pithoi  Phaistos west side  Principal entrance  Theatrical area Minoan Architecture  Cut stone Blocks (orthogonal or ashlar blocks)  Rectilinear solid  Wooden beams and posts (tree trunks)  Open, airy spaces fed by light walls  Agglutinated architectur
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