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McMaster University
Spencer Pope

LionGateMycenae • Lion Gate and fortification wall built c. 1250 BC • Monumental Scale = designed to impress/awe • Lions in Heraldic Pose (heads in wood) = engage viewer Cyclopean Masonry = made by the Cyclopes (Giants) • Column = architecture • Mythical home to Agamemnon, son of Atreus, married to Clytemnestra MycenaeanArchitecture • Megaron = Large reception hall, focus of palace complexes • Anta (pl. antae) = projecting spur walls in the front of a porch or room • Distyle in antis = two columns placed between antae - Uluburun Shipwreck • Excavated 1984-1994 by Institute for Nautical Archaeology and Texas A&M University (USA) • 44-52 m beneath surface • Sank c. 1300 BC – Dating based on dendrochronology (1306 BC), confirmed by ceramic and other finds • Merchant Ship, with varied cargo Cargo: – Oxhide ingots: 354 in Cypriot Copper – Bun (piano-convex) Ingots: 120 Cypriot – Tin Ingots: both bun and oxhide (earliest known) INGOT = material fused for transport, later to be worked into final form, (bullion) Ingots • Mass of bronze or copper molded to transport, intended to be worked • Oxhide ingot • Copper Bun • Marks chiseled onto surface (not stamped) = added later (upon receipt?) • Pictogram script (not Linear B) • 28 of 121 Buns • 13 appear twice/+ • Canaanite Amphoras 9 Canaanite Amphoras found in wreck -Contained: +Other pottery (fineware) + Pomegranates + Olive oil Uluburun • Cargo: metals (copper, tin = Bronze), glass, ceramic jars (pomegranates, oil) • Exotic/luxury goods: ebony, ivory, murex seashells, ivory objects, figurines, beads, scarabs,
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