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Spencer Pope

Athenian Acropolis = Intramural Sanctuary Athenian Acropolis Acropolis = high city, high part of the city Sanctuary of goddess Athena (Patron goddess of Athens) Foundation Myth of Athens • Contest between Poseidon and Athena • Gifts from each: – Poseidon: Saltwater Spring on Acropolis – Athena: Olive Tree growing from the spring Athens • Panathenaic Festival from 566 BC • “Greater Panathenaic” every four years (as Olympic games) Athens: 566 – 480 BC • Institution of Greater Panathenaic Festival – Games modeled on the Olympic Games but with more events (army) and with prizes ($$$) – Procession to Acropolis: • Sacrifices to Athena • Presentation of Peplos (garment worn by statue of Athena) = Culmination of Panathenaic Festival – Construction on Acropolis = Hekatompedon – Individual dedications by prominent citizens Reco- temple on AthenianAcropolis c. 560 BC Pediment with arch sculpture Hekatompedon Pediment Lion in context of architectural sculpture “Bluebeard” = 3-bodied monster with snake-tail Temple on Athenian Acropolis Herakles and sea-monster Triton Pediments of “Hekatompedon” • Herakles and Triton • “Bluebeard” • Lion and Bull in Center Moschophoros from Athenian Acropolis • C. 550 BC • Dedicated by a man named “Rhonbos” Peplos Kore • Kore = female freestanding statue • Set up on Athenian Acropolis • C. 530 BC Garment is Peplos • Kritios Boy • Athenian Acropolis • C. 480 BC • Transition from Archaic
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