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Roman Domestic Arch • Fauces (throat) Atrium – impluvium (pool)/ • •compluvium (hole in roof) • Tablinum • Peristyle • Cubiculum • Triclinium Roman Domestic Architecture • Typical Patrician (upper class) Roman House of 3rd c. BC • Patronus = Patron (Owner) • Cliens = Client: (farmers, workmen, houseworkers, artisans) • Salutatio = formal greeting/reception, occurred in the Atrium • Patron/Client relationship Alexander Mosaic – House of Faun Battle at the Issos River v. Persian Darius (333 BC) Villa of Papyri, Herculaneum Sub-urban villa, with features of domestic architecture, plus garden and belvedere Pompeii: Villa of the Mysteries Suburban Villa at Pompeii 60-50 BC Villa of the Mysteries: Flagellation Bridal veil Dionysiac Imagery: Female Satyr suckles goat Amphitheater: c. 80-70 BC Amphitheater: Roman Form literally, “double theater” For gladiatorial games, etc. Concrete construction Contrast with theater and Odeum Roman Spectacle and Games Principal types of Spectacle and Performance: 1) Ludi scaenici = theatrical performances 2) Ludi circenses = chariot racing in the circus 3) Venationes = games with animals (hunt, held in circus as well as amphitheater) 4) Munera = gladiatorial games Munera originally took place in the circus, later in amphitheaters, but also in theaters 5) Stadium games (footraces, light athletics) Roman Spectacle and Games • Roman games vs. Greek Games • Greece: Athletic competition at pan-Hellenic sites: Delphi, Olympia – Citizens of Greek cities performed in athletic competition for symbolic and monetary prizes; – Participation in games was expression of Greek-ness: non-Gre
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