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Classics - House of Atreus notes

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Paul Murgatroyd

Classics Lecture 10/02 Aeschylus: Agamemnon (Hubris, nemesis) Libation – Beareers Eumenides (Mycenae) Tantalus - Niobe - Pelops = Hippodamia -Atreus - Thyestes -> Pelopia -> Aegisthus -Agamemnon = Clytaemnestra -> Iphigenia, Electra, Orestes - Menelaus = Helen House of Atreus - 3 tragedies - Starts with Tantalus Tantalus - Son of zeus but did not take after his father - Had a daughter named Niobe and a son named Pelopes - Thoroughly bad time; guilty of serious things such as theft - Known particularly for one - Prosperous/proud - Decides to test the wisdom of the gods; invites them over for a banquet - Serves his son Pelops, freshly killed and cooked - Gods could tell the difference; they were disgusted and refused to eat the food - Except for one goddess who is distracted by the disappearance of her daughter - Pelops is returned to life - Replaced shoulder with a shoulder of ivory (strong) - T is punished by tormented by hunger/thirst in the underworld - In the middle of an orchid and luscious water that goes to his chin - Water and food is taken away every time he reaches for it - He is tortured or TANTALIZED Nemesis = punishment; almost always follows hubris Pelops - Responsible for the curse that plagues the family from then on - Strong shoulder - He decides to get a wife - Settles on Hippodamia, a princess - Her father doesn’t want her to be married (some versions say he fancies her himself, others say an Oracle told him he will be killed by his son in law) - He tells the suitors that they have to have a chariot race for her hand (she is beautiful and has many suitors) - King gives
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