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Peter Walley

Konstantinos Zaridis1Dr P MurgatroydCLASSICS 1B03AN INTRODUCTION TO ANCIENT MYTH AND LITERATURE9 SeptemberLecture 1Introduction the godsp 12 in the course pack Mount Olympusdidnt age or diefree from poverty pain happiness Zeusking of the godsfather of many of the godsgoddesses lord of the earthbrothers Poseidon Hades made draws sky godweather cloud gathererthunderbolt aegis breastplate with Medusa on it sacred birdeagle sacred treeoakpropheciesliked boysgirlsate Metisbaby survived Hephaestus hits him Athena comes outHerawife and sister of Zeusqueen of the gods goddess of marriagerefused Zeusout on a mountain in GREhe changes himselfputs himself into her dress and he cant do anything unless they marryhe does so Heracles to be immortal suck at Heras breastmilk spurts out forms the Milky Way Hermesmessenger of the godsmale ew through the air thieves traders merchants travelers son of Zeusborn in cave invents the lyre invents sandalsApollocattle missing Hermes pickpockets Apollos arrows gives cattlelyre back Apollo gives him staff patron god of Thebes merchantstakes souls to underworld Phoebus Apollo son of Zeus mother minor goddesspregnant Hera angry threatened Greece no where for her to give birth mother goes to island KosApollo says go to Delos oating island singing swans circled island 7 times all goddesses except Hera there archery prophecy music poetrylover Oracle at Delphi god of medicine and destroyer pestilence ArtemisApollos sister twin sistervirgin goddessassociated with women hunting earth goddess of wild womenKonstantinos Zaridis2Dr P Murgatroydsky moonunderworld Hecate goddess of the dead and witchcraft Athenadaughter of Zeusvirgin tree to Athens olive warriorpatroness of household crafts spinning weaving skilled Arachne said she can weave better than Athena disguised as old ladyrevealed they have a contestAthenagodsgoddesses Arachnerapes of godsgoddesses Athena beats Arachne tears tapestry Arachne hangs herselfchanged her into a spider can hang and weave from the web Ares son of Zeus and Heragod of warAphrodite had affair with himin bed of husband Hephaestusnds out sets up invisible chains pretends to go to Lemnos become trappedHephaestus comes back and summons the deitiesPoseidon persuades Hephaestus to accept itAphrodite born as a primitive power struggleCronus castrated Uranusfoam from testicles from the foam grows Aphrodite lands on Cyprusmet by two minor goddesses love sex promiscuous never lost her gure sonEros Cupid Dionysus son of Zeus Zeus affairHera nds out disguised as a nursetells mother to get Zeus to swear to whatever you want agreesZeus agrees she burnschild taken away by Zeus sowed into thighwine kind cruelvegetation nature followersecstasyhandle snakes etc tore animals apart ate them rawgod one with them taken by piratesropes fall off him mast of ship turns into a vine wine ows into ship turns into lion everyone jumps off boardsailors turned into dolphins Poseidonbrother of Zeus 2nd to Zeus sea freshwaterweapontrident earth shakercaused earthquakes opponent of Odysseus in the Odyssey Hephaestus Konstantinos Zaridis3Dr P Murgatroydson of ZeusHerare metallurgyDemeterwheat agricultureearth mother 11 September 2013Lecture 2start Iliadnish it in a couple weeks p 1012background on history geography of Ancient World Greece rst book before next tutorial Heroes DemiGods someone of aristocratic birth god or goddess as one of hisher parents lived to after the Trojan War normally king chief related to one surpassed mortalsstrength bravery Characteristicsconceptionextraordinary elementsfaces obstacles when olderhero gets help from divinehumanwhen completed ordeal gets rewardThemestrickery of ambitious promiscuous women impossible task set for a hero special weapons that help them journey to underworld overcome death killing own child Variantsneed to succeed Aeneasputs community above himselfperfect heroes heroes who have human aws Aeneas Odysseusrage savagery Achilles Heraclescivilizedright and justice Theseus Bellerophon stayed with Proetus handsome kings wife fell in love with him tried to seduce himBhonorable refused Proetus wife says other way aroundhusband believes itwants to kill B feels he will kill him at hands of anothersends B to Iobates father in law of Proetus from East Asia Iobates sends B to mission to kill the Chimaera goat size of dragon strength of three creatures lion head snake tail breathes re Athena tells B to get Pegasus wingedhorseies above Chimaera kills him goes back to Iobatessends him to conquer the Amazons tribe of warrior women A mazonsbreastless cut off right breast for archerythey bred by carrying off men until they got pregnantkilled the menmale babies cf Orellanasaw warrior river in South America called it Amazon Riverkilled AmazonsIobates is impressedshowed letter to B he says other way around
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