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Lecture 7

CLASSICS 1M03 Lecture 7: Lecture 7

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Claude Eilers

Lecture 7 Important battles ● Ionian Revolt (499-495) ● Battle of Marathon (490) ○ [Miltiades of Athens] ● Battle of Thermopylae (480) ○ [Leonidas, king of Sparta] ● Battle of Salamis (480) ○ Themistocles ○ Naval battle ● Battle of Plataea (479) ○ Pausanias ● Battle of Mycale (479) ○ [Leotychidas, king of Sparta] Mycale ● When the greeks had gathered an army to attack to persians, they caught the persian fleet at anchor with few self loss ● Ended this war (bc no fleet) ● Rapid retreat ● The greeks collectively continues the war against persia and free and the greek cities from the persians ● Abandon the west coast of asia minor and resettle elsewhere ● The ionians refused ● The greek cities of asia minor were very prosperous ● Started freeing the cities ○ Nowadays Istanbul was Byzantinum ● Messenger sent, but no one ever comes back from the messenger trips - called back to sparta ● Has to be a naval enterprise Pausanias ● Aristides the Just ● The Delian League ○ On the island of Delos ○ Apollo temple ● Athens decided which cities were to contribute money and ships ● The greek treasures ○ First instituted as an athenian office and they received the tribute, which was the name for the money collected ○ 1st assessment was 460 talents ○ Delos was the treasury and meetings held in sanctuary ○ Allies were first autonomous and policy was discussed by all ● It is easier to make the monetary contribution rather than the ships ● All the allies were tributes except Athens, Lesbos, Chios, and Samos, who provided ships Cimon (leader), Cimonian (the age of) ● Greek shoul
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