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Lecture 12

CLASSICS 1M03 Lecture 12: Lecture12

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Claude Eilers

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Lecture 11 - Philip and Alexander Alexander III (356-323) ● King of macedon ● When philip was dead everyone though life would revert; the greek mainlands were playing politics, but they were happy and thought they could return to life (but nah that didn't happen) ● Alexanders 1st challenges: Avenge father's death Bold is the path he took ● Corinth, [Getae] ○ All greeks against persians campaign ● Darius III, [pindar] ○ Ruler the others ○ Rumour 335 that alexander died on the campaign ○ Thebes with a comeback, stormed citadel killed the macedonian garrison ○ Alexander's’ army of 30 000 moving west ○ Half were macedonian, half were allies ○ Brought all kinds of people, e.g. poets, historians ○ Stopped at Ilium, at the tomb of Achilles ○ To be heroic, to punish the barbarians ● Granicus, [Achilles] ○ Persians overran them, expelled persians from the 3 western most provinces, capture 300 sets of persian armour and used them as a display piece to show he is the avenger of the greeks ○ Then went to Miletus, dissolved his navy - wanted to capture all the persian ports so he had no need for an expensive boat party ● [Gordium],[gordian knot] ○ Captured port cities ○ Marched over land and captured Gordium, at this site there was a pole with a chariot attached (from the founder), tied with a complicated Gordian Knot ■ The prophecy is whoever was able to untie the knot would become king ■ Alexander took his sword and cut the knot ● “Cut the gorium knot” expression, solved the problem with cheating ● Issus, Tyre, Alexandria ○ Defeated the persians at Issus ○ [Alexanders horse's name is Bucephalus] ○ Tyre held out of Alexander's, most cities were easily defeated, Tyre was an island and it had fortified
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