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Lecture 12

CLASSICS 1M03 Lecture 12: Lecture 12

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Claude Eilers

Lecture 13 - rome Roman Mythology ● Romulus and Remus ○ Twins of the king’s daughter and Mars ○ Exposed instead of killed ○ Raised by a she-wolf then raised by a farmer and then killed the king and took the throne ○ Romulus became the first king of rome Roman Kings are real ● Lapis niger (the black rock/stone) ○ Earliest writing carved into stone ○ Stone puts a curse on people who don’t do what they should but also says the word “king” ● Kings get overthrown ● 509 BC - Roman Republic ○ Common state of the people, not the king Decay Expansion ● The system that involved to ● Ya withstand life could not keep up Republic 509 BC ● SPQR ○ Senatus and populus Romanus ● The triad ○ Kings that become migrates ○ The king's court/assembly becomes the senate ○ The commoners become the populus Patricians vs. Plebeians ● Patricians, “patres” (fathers) ○ Elite, clam to be born from the leaders (patres) ● “Struggle of the orders” ○ The patrician and the plebeian over the access to the political apparatus ● Plebeians had minor political rights, can’t run for public office ● 367 BC - Leges Liciniae Sextiae (one consul plebeian) ○ One member of the council must be a plebeian Roman Expansion ● 485 - 265 BC ● Expand until they bump into the hellenistic world Pyrrhus, King of Epirus ● c. 280 BC ● Become the foremost military science/tactics thinker in the greek world ● As Rome was expanding they ran into the old greek cities, pressing on the cities, they has appealed to Pyrrhus and he invaded ○ He didn’t lose a single battle ○ Left the italian peninsula to the romans
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