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Lecture 18

CLASSICS 1M03 Lecture 18: Lecture18

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McMaster University
Claude Eilers

Lecture 17 Actium - 32 BC ● Marc Antony and Octavian and Lepidus (he got axed from the team) ● Marc Antony was a party animal - work hard, play hard - he lost tho, Cleopatra was his downfall ● It all came down to the battle at Actium ● Octavian against Marc Antony ○ Cleopatra paid for it all ● The leadup is more important than the actual battle ● In a water fight; Grippa (octs friend) put Marc in a box, and cleo raised her sails (ran away) and the battle was lost then cleo and marc run to alexandria but Oct followed. The palace doors are bricked shut and the wounded Marc was pulled through a window and then he died. Cleo wanted to be allies with Oct but he was like nope and took her prisoner - snake time for Cleopatra Rome has a new system Octavian ● What is julius to him? A warning about over stepping and becoming to monarchical ● Octavian tried to work his way around it ● He needed to #rebrand ○ Since he was 18 (now 30) his life was spent in civil war, his reputation is a nasty person, a sellout, involved in the triumphant (killed 1000’s sold properties for armies, etc.). Now needs to not be Imperator Caesar but as a leader of the roman world ● Name options ○ Romulus - but he was a king and he’s trying to get out of monarchy ○ He took the name Augustus - grand and religious meaning if you squint; means revered and honoured ○ Imp. Caesar Augustus ● Needs to re-establish a constitutional working for rome ● Described himself as princeps (root of prince) meaning first one/citizen ○ 27 BC announced the republic has been restored and there will be elections for offices ○ Allowed the system to evolve ● Rome evolved, getting food/supplies was a challenge though, and Egypt took the roll with ship taking grain to the roman ports ● There are internal borders within the reign which is bad - closed the frontiers ● At the end of his reign there’s one legion in spain, egypt needs 3 legions but this diminishes ● Died in 14 AD Public provinces and imperial provinces ● If you’re trying to hide dictatorship and had
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