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Lecture 24

CLASSICS 1M03 Lecture 24: Lecture24

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Claude Eilers

Lecture 23 Diocletian:The empire wasn’t coordinated, and there wasn’t a clear succession ● Tetrarchy - 4 emperors working in coordination with each other ○ 2 Augusti ○ 2 Caesars ● The Augusti are higher than the Caesars, but not different from each other ● If one dies, then the succession goes up (if augustus dies, then his caesar moves up into his place) ● They keep emperors close to where there may be a military crises ● There are more, smaller, provinces in the roman empire to discourage people from trying to take control (they start of smaller and it is easier to take them down) An economic crisis ● Edict of Maximum Prices ○ A list of things of where the maximum price for it was listed ● Lack of social mobility ● Required sons to enter the profession of their father ● Cities actually were held accountable for their city's taxes ○ Being on city council was like being a slave Diocletian persecuted the Christians ● Banned religion and exiled followers, etc. ● The state was problematic, more so than ever before in this respect ● Constantius (Augustus in 305, died 306) ○ Son is Constantine (307-317) declared augustus in his place, but he wasn’t even a Caesar ● Milvian bridge ○ Myth: heard a voice, got a sign, and won with it ○ The sign mayhaps have been the Christian Cross ○ Constantine became Rome’s first Christian emperor ○ Possible political advantage, it being a minority religion Christianity spread and Constantinople ● Byzantium = Constantinople ○ Moved the Rome to Byzantium and then renamed it (currently is it Istanbul) ● The exception to the rule of following father job, you b
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