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Lecture 3

Creation, The Olympians - Lecture 3.pdf

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Graeme Ward

Creation, The Olympians - Lecture 3 September-12-13 4:30 PM Zeus/Jupiter - He is the god of oaths, sky, thunder and is the "cosmic father" of all gods and humans ○ Athena ○ Poseidon ○ Apollo + Artemis (twins) ○ Hermes ○ Dionysus Zeus and Thetis - Zeus mates with Thetis but is scared of the prophecy about Prometheuswho will become stronger than his father and marries her off to Peleus Zeus and Io - Io is a naiad who Zeus mates with, but Hera catches him in the act so he suddenly turns Io into a cow, who Hera tormentsand leaves a monster with a 100 eyes behind her - Zeus then sends Hermes to kill this 100-eyedmonster,the monsterthen turns into a peacock upon its death - Zeus turns Io back into a womenwho is then the founder of Egypt Zeus and Europa - Zeus turns into a white cow and abducts her to Crete where she becomesthe founder Crete and mother of Minos Nature of the Gods - Anthropomorphic:Gods look like humans and have human-like emotions - Personification- each god represents something - Chthonian - from the earth (gods) that are meaner, and monstrousbut must be respected still. - Chthonian - from the earth (gods) that are meaner, and monstrousbut must be respected still. Like Hades - Athanatos - Immortality;is what makes a god a god, not their character or morals - Homer's interpretations of the gods is that they are like humans except they cannot be killed Polytheism - Polytheisticunderstanding of the divine (more than one god) What do the gods want? - RESPECT - They drink ambrosia, nectar - They demand sacrifice, honor/respect ○ Gods want Timé (respect/honor) Birth of Mortals - Ovid: - There are four versions of humans, if they don’t work out, they are w
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