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Lecture 5

Athena and Poseidon - Lecture 5.pdf
Athena and Poseidon - Lecture 5.pdf

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McMaster University
Graeme Ward

Athena and Poseidon October-03-13 2:18 AM - Each god represents a city because they had somesort of history there - Gods are patrons to specific activities Zeus and Metis - Athena is their daughter - Metis is the goddess of wisdom, masculinity, and virgin nature - Athena pops out of Zeus head wearing battle gear and fully formed as a woman - Athena is very important to Zeus Athena - Described by the following epithets: ○ Glaukopis: steel eyed ○ Tritogeneia:thrice born ○ Niké: victory(in battle) ○ Pallas: friend of Athena, threatened Athena and Zeus killed her, Athena took her remains and build a statue ○ Parthenos:Virgin Goddess - She wields the aegis (means goat) that has the gorgon on it (it is a shield). Apotropaic symbol that wards off evil (only Zeus and Athena have it) - Patronage of heroes and soldiers unlike Ares who only brings death and destruction - She has a passion for soldiers - Patronage of Athens, protects the city and also "sacks" the city if you don't respect her enough - She became the protectorof Athens by competing against Poseidon and won by growing an olive tree - Her animal is an owl which are wise like Athena - Has a temple that is called Athena Parthenos(virgin) Erichthonius - Vulcan tried to have sex with Athena and came prematurely,so Athena tookhis sperm and tossed it on the ground, out of which Cecrops (the serpent king) was born - Autochthonous means they came from the ground, they have always been here and the land is theirs' (What Greeks s
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