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Lecture 6

Apollo Prophesy & Medicine - Lecture 6.pdf

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Graeme Ward

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Apollo: Prophesy & Medicine - Lecture 6 September-23-13 4:30 PM - Apollo is a young god, but important nevertheless - He is the god of prophecy, law, sun, plague and medicine, archer god and the younger twin of Artemis - Newcomerto the pantheon, not from Greece - Son of Zeus and Leto - He is from the island of Delos (parts are still there) - Hera hears about Zeus and Leto and doesn't allow Leto a place to give birth in Greece ○ Rhea, Themis & Amphitrite help Leto give birth against Hera's will and gives birth to both Artemis and Apollo - Another version of Apollo's myth is that Apollo comes from Mt. Olympus and searches for a place, fights a "pytho" on Mt. Parnassus which Hera created for him to fight - Version 3: Apollo was traveling and created a site that must be worshipped by sailors passing by ○ Apollo comesto their ship as a dolphin ○ These were Cretan sailors that brought him to Greece Delphi - A site where there are a large numbe rof buildings, greeks called is omphalos (navel) - This was the bank and stores treasures in here - There were Pythian Games here for Apollo - Had the most important Oracle of Apollo of Delphi which was visited by many countries ○ The oracle was a female babbling nonsense and male priests translating it for the visitors - Apollo is associated with Laurel leaves Apollo & Daphne - Apollo is struck y Eros (the cupid) when he makes fun of how small his bow is and falls in love with Daphne who gets turned into a laurel tree - Apollo has many failed loves, unlike Zeus Apollo & Hyacithus - A Spartan youth that is killed by Apollo by accident as they were
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