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Lecture 8

Artemis and Aphrodite - Lecture 8.pdf
Artemis and Aphrodite - Lecture 8.pdf

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McMaster University
Graeme Ward

Artemis and Aphrodite - Lecture 8 October-03-13 12:08 PM - These two are completeopposites of each other, Artemis is a virgin goddess and Aphrodite is the goddess of sex and love Artemis - From the East (Arcadea), a very rural area and sparcly populated. Very dry area she is associated with rural areas and not a city - Born of Leto (same mother as Apollo) - She is also a huntress with bows and arrows - She is the god of animals, yet hunts them (duality) - Goddess of childbirth because she was given birth first by Leto and then helped her mother deliver Apollo - She has sacred animals, that she protectsand you cannot hunt them - Associated with the moon (Roman name: Diana) - She is the goddess of nature, a guardian (unlike mother earth) - Accompanied by nymphs (virgins) - Famous name is Potnia Theron which means "Mistress of Animals" Niobe - Daughter of Tantalus in turkey who is a queen and has a husband and rule a city - Has 14 children - She disrespects Leto (HUBRIS) by saying how She only has two children where as she has 14 - For nemesis Leto sends Artemis and Apollo to kill all of her 14 children, Artemis takes the females and Apollo takes the males - For weeks after this incident Niobe wandered the country-side out of grief and finally died at Mt. Sipylus where to this day she is crying for her children (mountain looks like a female crying) Acteon - Hunter in Arcadia who is a devoteeof Artemis - He stumbles upon Artemis in a grove where she is bathing nude and punishes the hunter ○ By turning him into a deer and his own friends kill him with their hunting dogs Callisto & Arcas - Callisto was the favoriteof Artemis, Zeus ends up raping Callisto then Artemis and the nymphs notice she is pregnant, so she is cast out of their "virgin group" - The son that is born of callisto is called Arcas, Callisto is turned into a boar by Artemis - Arcas tries to kill this boar, but stops as it looks in it's eyes at that momentZeus turns them both into stars (Ursa Major & Ursa Minor) Artemis Brauronia - Festival for Artemis where the little girls dress up as bears and are now considered of child bearing age - This was because a sacred bear was killed by this town and Artemis asked for this ritual by the town girls in return Atlanta - Daughter of king Iasus of Argas - She is cast away from her family and a bear takes ca
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