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McMaster University
Stephen Russell

CLASSICS 2MT3: ANCIENT ROOTS OF MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY WEEK 4 TEST ONE: NEXT MONDAY, ONE HOUR LONG 20 TERMS: 2 POINTS EACH, MARKED OUT OF 40  16 MEDICAL TERM  ENGLISH  2 LATIN FORM  ENGLISH  2 ENGLISH  MEDICAL TERM TEST INCLUDES ALL TOPICS FROM CHAPTERS 1 TO 3 #19 om/o shoulder acro/melo/dys/plasia: the defective formation of the limb(s) involving the extremities #20 brachi/o arm #21 ancon/o elbow brachi/o/ancon/ot/ic: an abnormal condition involving the elbow and the arm angle – come from Latin, and means “corner” angel – comes from Greek, and mean “messenger” elbow – comes from the English, and describes the shape #22 cheir/o, chir/o hand chir/o/practor: one who practices with his/her hands cheir/urgeon: some who works with his/her hands #23 dactyl/o digit pter/o/dactyl: digit wing cheir/o/dactyl/ia: an abnormal condition involving the digit(s) of the hand #24 onych/o nail dactyl/onych/o/schist/ic: pertaining to the splitting of a/the nail(s) of a/the digit(s) #27 mast/o breast mast/ec/tom/y: the cutting out of the breast trachel/ec/tom/y: the cutting out of something involving the neck cephal/ar/oid: resembling something pertaining to the head blephar/o/tom/o/genous: produced by the cutting of the eyelid derm/ot/ic/o/plas/ia: the formation of something pertaining to an abnormal condition involving the skin oto/t/ic: pertaining to an abnormal condition involving the ear prosopt/opt/ot/o/tom/al: pertaining to the cutting of something involving the downward displacement of (something involving) the face CHAPTER 3 #1 oste/o bone x-ost/os/is: the ossification (bonification) of __________ #2 oss(e)/o bone (os – Latin) crani/ost/os/is: the ossification of the skull crani/oste/osis: an abnormal condition involving the bone of the skull #3 skelet/o skeleton x-on referring to #5 cleid/o collar bone #6 clav/i/cul/o, clav(ic)/i clavic/o/rrhex/is: the rupturing of the collar bone cleid/al/orrhex/is: the rupturing of something pertaining to the collar bone cleid/it/is: the inflammation of the collar bone #7 acr/om/i/o acromion acr/om/o/plast/y: the surgical rep
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