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Stephen Russell

WEEK 6: bio/gen/it/ic: pertaining to the inflammation of something that produces life derm/o/stat/ic: pertaining to something involving the stopping of the skin derm/ostot/ic: pertaining to the ossification of (something involving) the skin derm/oste/ot/ic: pertaining to an abnormal condition involving the bones and involving the skin derm/o/tic: pertaining to an abnormal condition involving the skin dermat/ic: pertaining to the skin ot/o/derm/ot/ic: pertaining to an abnormal condition involving the skin of the ear CH 4: #1 en/cephal/o brain equ/ine en/cephal/it/is: the inflammation of the brain, pertaining to horses poliomyeloencephalitis: the inflammation of the great matter of the brain and spinal cord #2 cerebr/o brain crani/o/cerebr/al: pertaining to the brain and the skull #3 cereb/ell/o brain/cerebellum spinocerebellum: a part of the cerebellum involving the spine #4 membran/o membrane musculomembranous: pertaining to membranes and muscles membranous: pertaining to membrane(s) #5 mening/o membrane/meninge(s) mening/it is: inflammation of the meninges  Dura mater: tough outer part  Arachnoid: middle part  Pia mater: the delicate inner part #7 neur/o nerve neur/osis: an abnormal condition involving the nerves #8 nerv/i nerve nervous system: the system pertaining to the nerves #15 ophthalm/o eye ophthalm/o/log/ist: one who specializes in the study of the eye #16 opt(ic)/o eye optic/al: pertaining to the eye opt/o/metr/ist: one who specializes in the measurement of the eye #17 ocul/o eye bi/ocul/ar: pertaining to both eyes mon/ocle: one eye #18 cor/e, cor(e)/o pupil cor/ectomy: the cutting out of the pupil #19 pup/ill/o pupil
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