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Stephen Russell

CLASSICS 2MT3: ANCIENT ROOTS OF MEDICAL TERMS Concentrate less on chapter 6-8 for next test; mostly concentrate on chapters 1-4 Arthroclastic: pertaining to the breaking of the joint Blepharosteonosis: the narrowing of the eyelid(s) Carpectomy: the cutting out of something involving the wrist Desmoplasia: the formation of the ligament(s) Neuromyasthenia: the lack of strength of the muscles and the nerves Phacomalacia: the softening of the lens CH 6: 1-5, 10-15, 18-20, 21-25 #1 rhin/o nose #2 nas/o nose nasal: pertaining to the nose oculonasal: pertaining to the nose and the eye(s) #3 sin(us)/o sinus in Latin it means a bend, curve or fold (insinuate something) #4 spet/o septum in Latin is an enclosure, hedge, or wall #5 antr/o antrum in Latin means cave dacryosinusitis: the inflammation of the sinus involving tears septum nasale: septum pertaining to the nose prosopantritis: the inflammation of the antrum of the face #10 trach/e/o trachea tracheotomy: the cutting of the trachea (to make an opening to help breathing) #11 bronch/o bronchi #12 pne/um(on)/o lung;air pneu – to breathe/wheeze pneumonia: an abnormal condition involving the lungs pneumectomy: cutting out of the lung broncopneumonia: an abnormal condition involving the lungs and the bronchi #13 pulm(on)/o lung pulmonary valvotomy: the cutting out of the valves pertaining to the lungs #15 phren/o diaphragm, midriff splenophrenic: pertaining to the diaphragm and the spleen costophrenic: pertaininf to the diaphragm and the ribs #18 spir/o breathing
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