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Stephen Russell

CLASSICS 2MT3: ANCIENT ROOTS OF MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY WEEK 8: TEST IS NEXT WEEK  Mostly 1-5  Little bit of 6  20 questions (4-5 associated with CH 9, potentially 1 question from 10)  FINAL HAS A LOT OF CH 13 CH 9: Somatome: an instrument for measuring sleep Somasthenia: the lack of strength of the body Myonecrosis: death of a muscle Phlebotomist: one who cuts the vein 1-4 7-12, 15-23, 38-43 #1 celi/o abdomen; abdomen wall #2 abdomin/o abdomen celio-otomy: the cutting of the abdomen celioectomy: the cutting out of (something involving) the abdomen celio-ostomy: the making of an opening in the abdomen myocelialgia: pain involving the abdomen and muscle celiocentetic: pertaining to the surgical puncturing of the abdomen thoracoabdominal: pertaining to the abdomen and the chest celiocardiectomy: the cutting out of the cardiac part of the stomach and the abdomen #3 ventr/o abdomen #4 lapar/o abdomen wall ventroptosis: the downward displacement of the abdomen laparotomy: the cutting of the abdominal wall #7 splanchn/o viscera #8 viscer/o viscera neurosplanchnic: pertaining to the viscera and the nerves pleurovisceral: pertaining to the viscera and the pleura #9 es/o/phag/o esophagus pharyngoesophogeal: pertaining to the esophagus and the pharynx #10 gastr/o stomach #11 stomach/o stomach gastric: pertaining to the stomach gastrointestinal: pertaining to the intestines and the stomach stomachoscopy: an examination of the stomach #12 cardi/o the cardiac part of the stomach esophagocardiomyotomy: cutting of the muscles of the cardiac part of the stomach and the esophagus #15 pyl/or/o pylorus #16 duoden/o duodenum antroduodenectomy: the cutting out of the duodenum involving the antrum #17 chol/e/cyst/o gall bladder #18 chol/e/doch/o common bile duct #19 chol/angi/o bile duct pleurocholecys
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