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Lecture 6

CLASSICS 2D03 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Silenus, Minyades, Korybantes

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Graeme Ward

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CLASSICS 2D03 – Dionysus
Eastern Origins
- Denitively eastern origins
- Most of his myths are of him arriving
- Nysa -> Ehtiopia, Libya, Egypt, or India?
Associated with lions, leopards
Doesn’t say where Nysa is, anywhere but Greece
- Trace? And Phyrgia (Turkey) – Thrace is where Ares likes to stay – very war-like, exotic and
- P. 150-51
- Even romans admit that Dionysus they believe in comes from India – Triumph of Bacchus
(roman name for Dionysus)
- Massive parade, loud, dramatic
- Zeus and Semele
Princess of Semele
- Zeus and Persephone – Queen of the Underworld (Dead)
- Daughter of King Cadmus – First great King of Thebes)
Hera tricks Semele
Ask Zeus to reveal his true divinity”
Zeus falls in love with Zeus and impregnates her
Make him swear by the river sticks
He bursts into lightning and she is burned into ash
Zeus saves the unborn child
- Zeus places unborn child in his thigh
Dionysos, “Twice-Born”
- Born out of the thigh of Zeus
- Raised by “Nurses”
Nymphs of Nysa?
Ino (Semele’s sister)?
Hermes? – usually depicted in art
- Wanderings
Egypt, India
- Zeus and Persephone (Daughter of Demeter & Queen of the Underworld)
Zagreus at rst
Hera is jealous and asks Titans to rip apart Zagreus
Zagreus is dismembered
D’s heart is preserved and Zeus eats it
Begets him through Semele
- Titan and Olympian
Heavenly and beastly
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