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Lecture 3

CLASSICS 2D03 Lecture 3: Children of Hera and Zeus - 3

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Graeme Ward

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CLASSICS 2D03 – The Children of Zeus & Hera
-Quarrelling life gure – always watching Zeus
-Queen of the immortals, surpassing all in beauty – sister and wife of Zeus
-Wife of Zeus – Goddess of women, Marriage – loyalty and chastity and
violating marriage is something goddess would punish you for, Childbirth
-Argos – City of Argos – Many temples to Hera in Greece – Goddess of all
female activities
-Temple of Hera at Olympia – where Olympic games were held – only men
-Roman Juno – matrona
Children of Zeus and Hera
-Product of hieros gamos
-4 children
Eileithyia, Hebe – female, no myths Hephaestus, Ares
-That comes forth
-Goddess of childbirth 0 eleutho
-Zeus and Athena – present at birth
-Artemis and Apollo – present at their birth
-Crete – strongly associated with this island – southwest of Turkey – Zeus
comes from Crete
-Men were depicted as black and dark and women were white – Greek art
-Goddess of “youthful bloom” 0 youthful beauty
-Wife of Heracles
-Cup-bearer of Olympus – bares the wine and serves it – The Symposium
-Becomes less important and replaced by Ganymede – mortal boy, youth –
Trojan Prince – Zeus takes a liking to him
Zeus and Ganymede
-Trojan prince – son of Tros (Troy) – eponym
-Cup-bearer of the gods
-Theme of pederasty in Greek myth
Aristocratic custom
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