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COLLAB 2D03 Lecture Notes - Fleshlight, Foreplay, Canada Men'S National Soccer Team

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Tulsie Raghubir

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Chapter 8 Sexual Techniques and Behaviour Patterns
Sexual thoughts: men vs. women
Men report thinking of sex much more often than women do across all age and educational levels (46%
compared to 11% / several times a day)
younger and university educated think of sex more often
Compas Poll (2002)
Women 49% in their 20’s vs 10% in their 60’s
Men 90% in their 20’s vs. 35% in 60’s
Women increase in sexual experience and partners fantasized the most
Use of fantasy
Common (in sexual and non-sexual situations)
Content of fantasies?
Masturbation fantasies serve several functions
Facilitates sexual arousal, rehearse sexual incounters, fill a voice when your alone or your partners
Masturbation History:
Until recently (western society), it was condemned on moral, religious and medical grounds (tissot, rush,
Today’s more liberating view of masturbation..
May is masturbation month (collect pledges)
Scarlet magazine
Museum of sex
Incidence; aids..
Seinfield the contest
*fleshlight know it haha most popular
National Survey of Masturbation in Britain (2008)
Twice as many men (73%) as women (37%) reported masturbating weeks prior to the survey
• Men
Frequent vaginal intercourse decrease in masturbation
Increase in sexual activity (more vaginal and oral sex, and increase in sexual partners)
men masturbate as compensation for less
Online Masturbation p. 205
National Survey of Masturbation in Britain p. 206
Desired Duration of Foreplay p. 209
Techniques of Manual Stimulation of the Genitals p. 211
Incidence of Anal Intercourse p. 220
Sexual Behaviours at Most Recent Heterosexual Encounter in Australia p. 221
Sexual Behaviour with Others p. 209-223
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