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Tulsie Raghubir

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Female External Description Female Internal Description Sex Organs Sex Organs Vulva – External sexual structures of the female Vagina – Female tubular sex organ – Latin for “wrapper” or “covering” Mons Veneris – Fatty tissue covering the joint of pubic Cervix - Lower end of the uterus bones Labia majora – Large folds of skin that run downward Uterus – Hollow, muscular, pear-shaped organ in which a from the mons along the sides of the vulva fertilized ovum implants and develops until birth – Fundus (Uppermost part of the uterus) – Central region is called the body Labia minora – Hairless, light colored membranes located Fallopian tubes – Extend from upper uterus toward ovaries between labia majora – Ectopic pregnancy • Fertilized ovum implants outside the uterus, usually in the FT Clitoris – Female sex organ consisting of a shaft and Ovaries – Produce ova, estrogen, and progesterone glans – Estrogen – Extremely sensitive to sexual stimulation • Female sex hormones – Corpora cavernosa • Promotes female sex characteristics • Spongy tissue in clitoral shaft • Regulates menstrual cycle – Prepuce – Progesterone • Fold of skin covering glans of clitoris • Steroid hormone that stimulates proliferation of the endometrium • Regulates menstrual cycle – Follicle • Capsule within an ovary that contains an ovum Urethral opening – Urine passage Breasts – Secondary sex characteristics – May become infected from bacteria – Mammary glands • Milk-secreting glands
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