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Dan Popowich

MEDICAL ANTHROPOLOGY TEST ONE You should be familiar with the readings and the material that has been presented and discussed in class. I have listed a number of questions that will help direct you while you prepare for the test. The questions are not definitive – they only represent some of the main areas that have been covered in class. 1. What is Anthropology? 2. What do anthropologists study? 3. What are the four fields and sub-fields within anthropology? 4. What subject matter is studied in the four field and sub-fields of anthropology? Can any of these sub-fields comment on the health status of ancient and/or prehistoric peoples? 5. Why is anthropology unique among the other social sciences? 6. What is holism and bioculturalism? 7. What is a good example that illustrates the process of bioculturalism? 8. How do anthropologists collect evidence in physical anthropology, archaeology or cultural anthropology? 9. What is medical anthropology? 10. When did medical anthropology emerge and who are the important thinkers in its development and what did they say about the people and practices they studied? 11. What are the three main perspectives used in medical anthropology and what do they say? 12. What types of factors can have an impact upon health status? Consider the morbidity patterns of Tuberculosis – where is Tb more prevalent? 13. What is health and how is it defined around the world? Note some examples of folk understandings? 14. How do other people around the world explain their illness? What are the theories of disease causation? 15. What does the WHO say about h
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