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Dan Popowich

Medical Anthropology: Medicalization Oct 11/2012 Medicalization: Starts with Irving Zola (1970’s) - Medicalization is a form of social control (cf. Foucault’s discussion of bipower) Ivan Illich (1975) - The medical profession harms people through iatrogenesis (social problems & illness is increasing) Medicalization – Is a process whereby a variety of “behaviours” or conditions become medical problems – Re-defined, they are amenable to medical treatment. – It is about regulating people & society. Telling people what is deviant and what is normal. Pica – A condition whereby people eat non-food stuff Ex. Eating dirt  Called Geophagy  drive which could be part of evolution  Geophagy is a ‘universal condition’ and is extremely common in asia Geophagy isn’t necessarily bad if the dirt contains clay. In a lot of communities it contains kaeopectate, vitamins & minerals. The World Health Organization is against this; however, it is going to have an impact on society in adverse ways. Lombroso’s Theory of Anthropological Criminology - Theory of inheritance: Individuals are “born criminal”. Physiological differences can be identified among them. - Images from Lombroso’s criminal man contrasted with “Neanderthal” - People with robust features reminiscent of savage and primitives man indicate an innate tendency to revert to ape-like savage behaviour Sheldon’s Somatotypes 1) Endomorphic - criminal 2) Mesomorphic - jolly 3) Ectomorphic - nerdy Atlas of Men & Somatotypes - By 1940’s Sheldon had identified a number of body-types that were through to indicate temperament - If deviance is related to genetic abnormality, what is the best way to “treat” deviance? Case Study: Medicalization of Homosexuality History of Sexuality - Theorists have tried to explain homosexuality (ex. Von Krafft-Ebing & pathology, LeVay’s hypothalamus & regulation of sex behaviour)
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