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McMaster University
Communication Studies
Alexandre Sevigny

January 10 , 2013- communications 1A03 Understanding communications book has description of all assignments. - Writing that is fast precise, brief, no bullshit, and persuasion and above all grammatically correct. We are a story telling culture- 90% of people trust regular people compared to authoritative figures. Smart phones, social media, digital communications, search engines- reshaping the world. Interpersonal communications - Know thy self - Building a framework for self-evaluation (personal growth exercise). What is communication? - The process of human beings responding to the symbolic behaviour of others. - Communication is a speech act, a relational and symbolic act - “ I declare you man and wife”- you have taken an action as being real, but nobody can touch or feel. - Tim’s coffee cup is no more real than declaring someone a criminal. (real idea) - KEY IDEA OF COMMUNICATION - Virtual and symbolic things can be as real as the material that we walk on. - There has to be another person in the act ( I declare [another person(s)] husband and wife). What is a “sign”? - Something you can identify- a word (something signified – meaning- and a signifier). - People who develop celebrity personas- product appeal. - Universal concepts- luxury car and a new singer from a small town. Different signifier (different photo, word or story line). - Present product differently however he is universal and will always be the same What are some of the many meanings of communication? - Transportation of information. - Artist or story teller (how can I use communication to seduce, terrify, persuade), What are some types of communication? - Intrapersonal- no filter. - Dyadic – communication in pairs, unique form because 75% of personal revelations for another p
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