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Communication Studies
Greg Flynn

CMST January 8 , 2012  Intense curisotiy is the key to solving problems  Lateral thinking: out of the box, not obvious o Think about how the message may be received  A continuous, irreversible o transaction process  some level of give and take, feedback, evaluation o Different perspectives o Senders and receivers o Physical and psychological distortion/noise  Communication is the process of human beings responding to the sumbolic behaviour of other persons  The study of communication in this course is between people  We were exposed to about 100 messages a day in 1900  1993 we are exposed to about 1800 messages  Today we are exposed to about 7200 messages a day  We do not comprehend all messages, we write them down, use apps  We live in a hyper communicative society  We use symbols to make sense of what we are talking about  Types of communication o Intrapersonal  within yourself, thinking to yourself about what to do o Dyadic/interpersonal  2 people o Small group  more than two people o Pub
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