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Communication Studies
Alexandre Sevigny

CMST 1A03Lecture 1 CMST 1a03 Introduction to Communication Dr Alex Svigny Winter Term 2013Social Media 2012 Video httpwwwyoutubecomwatchvQUCfFcchw1w What is communication The process of human beings responding to the symbolic behaviour of othersA RelationalSymbolic Act o You cant touch marryness o Tangible good no more real than marriage o Call someone a criminal o Key to understanding communication o Symbolic things can be as real to the things we walk ono Heart of communication marketing o Communication partner need another person doing it to someone o ie Declare you husband and wife o Symbolic act massively affected the realWhat is a signSomething you can identify Eg WordSignifier shape image of itCat measurable physical thingSignify the same universal Cat in different languagesThats how advertisers thinkDifferent photoword signify different concept universalPresents product differently in marketingWhat are some of the many meanings of communication o Cognitive behavioral scientist how message transferred is perceived differently o Artist use communication for messages through paintings etc o Engineer How much space sending message takes in pipeline o Behaviour scientist how message is transmittedperceived differently o Artist how can I use communication to persuade o Persuasion is the human careerWhat are some types of communicationIntrapersonal o Happens inside the mind in moment of personal reflection as there is a monologue going on there o Eg speech deficit patient need to say stuff out loudThoughts are always going in different tangents o Another patient cannot name things due to injury with small pole going through headKnows what things are but hard to identify it eg nest theres trees leaves around it bird etc and also grass its green animals eat it etc o This shows how important communication isDyadicin pairso Unique form of communication 75 relevation in person o Eg at party sharing personal opinions about interests going deeper talk o But when theres 3 people it becomes not intimate not same sharing anymoreSmall group 312 o As many people in group gets a chance to speakPublic speakingo When speaking to large group people such as religious leaders CEOs like Steve Jobs are good at delivering message to people o Eg Clinton Bill speaks to a large number of people but it feels as if its only with youMass communication o The broadcasting model o TV radio etco Packaged messagesender has control o People do not have leverage over your messageSocial media communication o No control as not known what commentsfeedback will be by others on the internetHow can we model communicationA linear modelo Message in brain send to receiver they will receive it and respondA transactional modelo Anticipates what a person is going to say next allows the receiver to understand the colour and shapeo Everyone has personal experiences knowledge beliefs etc that will help enrich the message being delivered o Spinning and reshaping messages in the mind people has different construction and mental environment in universe in head eg blank face snicker smile are some responses to speechWhy is noise important Its always thereHeadachesPsychological how you feel that dayPhysical buzzing What needs does communication meet in our lives To satisfy most of our needsBiologicalphysical o People suffer more from illness and diseases when their network of communication is low o Structural supportpersons basic network of social relationships including friends family and romantic partners o Functional supportquality of those relationships and whether or not a person believes that his or her friends will be there in a time of needPersonal identity put out there and get feedback o Define self in relation to others respond to you o No matter how you speak it always attracts social network around you o Eg Oprah says show me the people around you and I will show you your futureSocial o Need for pleasure affection inclusion escape relaxation and controlo Models describing humour and laughter impact on health 1 Physiological model 2 Emotional model 3 Stressmoderation model 4 Social support modelPractical o Advance in communication need to rank up
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